• Barkos


  • Betulia


  • Elektra Cerise

    Elektra Cerise

  • Florencio Orange

    Florencio Orange

  • Lima Love

    Lima Love

  • Adonia Pink

    Adonia Pink

  • Valentino Pink

    Valentino Pink

Address information


Headoffice Ermelo
Fazantlaan 10
3852 AM Ermelo
The Netherlands
+31 (0)341 55 23 31 T
info@koppebegonia.nl E

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Koppe Begonia is a genuine family business. It took root in the early 20th century – in 1910 to be precise. Over more than 100 years, our organisation has grown from a small family-run company into a leading breeder and supplier of propagation material. In other words, an expert in the breeding and propagation of begonias.

The Koppe range consists of indoor as well as outdoor flowering and foliage begonias. Our head office, where we breed our parent plants too, is located in Ermelo in the Veluwe hills. For a number of years, we have also run an ultramodern young plant nursery in southern Portugal, from where cuttings are transferred to the Netherlands on a weekly basis. On arrival in the Netherlands, these cuttings are propagated at our modern propagation centre in Aalsmeer, or are distributed to our customers throughout Europe as cuttings.

Depending on the season, between 55 and 75 people process the cuttings and young plants at our various locations every day.

Our vision:

Koppe aims to be the most prominent supplier and – more importantly – breeder of begonias in the world. Our strength is in the fact that we focus all our attention on the begonia genus with all its varieties. Every year, our breeding team comes up with new innovative varieties that allow us to keep astonishing our customers.