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  • Elektra Cerise

    Elektra Cerise

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    Florencio Orange

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    Valentino Pink

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Headoffice Ermelo
Fazantlaan 10
3852 AM Ermelo
The Netherlands
+31 (0)341 55 23 31 T
info@koppebegonia.nl E

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Koppe, right from the start in 1910

Koppe’s propagation is distinguished by its large range. Our market share is growing steadily and demand from international breeders for our cuttings is constantly rising. Besides flowering begonias (Begonia Elatior), we also supply the Beleaf® collection (foliage begonia) and the Betulia® collection (contemporary balcony and patio varieties). And a further range of special-bred varieties is available from our breeding department.

The Barkos® collection, in particular, has played a key role in improving the reputation of the Begonia Elatior among international consumers. The blossoms from this collection have a long lifespan, are beautifully full and have stunning colours. Because of its long lifespan, this flowering variety can also be bred during the cold winter months and does very well in a sheltered outdoor spot during the summer.

Our outdoor Betulia® collection is distinguished by its large number of blossoms and long lifespan. The Betulia blooms from early spring to autumn, is very popular locally and internationally and is available in a range of colours.

Our foliage begonia collection is called Beleaf®. The Beleaf stands out because of its unique colour and leaf pattern, has a very long lifespan and can be kept both indoors and outdoors. As a result, this eye-catching plant is ideal for any interior and/or patio.

For more information about the Koppe Begonia range, please browse our online catalogue or be amazed by the gallery of photos taken at our most recent FlowerTrials.