• Barkos


  • Betulia


  • Elektra Cerise

    Elektra Cerise

  • Florencio Orange

    Florencio Orange

  • Lima Love

    Lima Love

  • Adonia Pink

    Adonia Pink

  • Valentino Pink

    Valentino Pink

Address information


Headoffice Ermelo
Fazantlaan 10
3852 AM Ermelo
The Netherlands
+31 (0)341 55 23 31 T
info@koppebegonia.nl E

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Koppe, right from the start in 1987

We created our first hybrid varieties in the late 1980’s. In 2000, we expanded our programme and relocated our breeding operations to Ermelo. Thanks to our many years of experience and a process of continuous professionalization, we are now the most innovative breeder of foliage begonias and flowering begonias in the world.

Our varieties are bred and sold on a global basis. The development of new varieties is an extremely time-consuming and expensive exercise, so all our varieties are protected by plant breeders’ rights. Please contact our office for information about licenses beyond European borders.